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CRYPTIC Game Walkthrough

CRYPTIC Game Walkthrough

Be aware that this walkthrough is designed to get you through the game as fast as possible. There are multiple solutions, perhaps some more satisfying, to the game not written in this walkthrough.

You start the game in the ’Entrance’. Go north. Go west. Go south. Eat the lasagna.

You are now in the ’Unfamiliar Bedroom’ where the game truly begins.

Examine the toys. Examine the jack-in-the-box. Turn the crank.

A mangled baby head will now appear. Take the baby head.

Go south. Go south again. Go west. You will see a pool with sharks.

Examine the pool. You will see a golden key at the bottom.

Type in ”Feed the sharks with the baby head”.

Now you can take the golden key.

Go west. North and north again.

Examine the desk. You will see that it has a drawer with a rusty keyhole.

Unlock the drawer with the golden key.

Open the drawer.

Take the coin hidden within.

Drop the golden key.

Go south and pick up the flashlight. Turn the flashlight on.

Go south again.

Examine the vending machine. You will see a diamond within.

Type in ”Insert the coin into the vending machine”.

The diamond will be ejected from the vending machine. You can now pick it up.

Go south and then go up.

Go east and then north.

You will see a shrimp in need of a diamond.

Type in ”Give the diamond to the shrimp”

You can now enter the shrimp.

Type in ”Enter the shrimp”

A puzzle piece will fall out. You can now pick it up.

Go north and then east.

Drop the flashlight and take the torch.

Go northwest. You will be locked into a room where you need to solve a puzzle involving potions.

Examine all the potions to read the inscriptions.

Type in ”mix the red potion with the blue potion”.

A gray potion will appear.

Type in ”mix the gray potion with the yellow potion”.

A black potion will appear.

Drink the black potion by typing in ”drink the black potion”.

A sword will appear. Take the sword.

You can now exit the room by going southeast.

Go west. Burn the thornbush by typing in ”burn the thornbush with the torch”.

Now you are able to go west. Please do so.

You will see a child in a tomb and a helmet on the floor.

Take the helmet. The child will wake up.

Kill the child by typing in ”kill the child with the sword”.

Go east and east again. Drop the helmet.

Go east. You will see a huge jigsaw. Place the missing puzzle piece in the jigsaw puzzle by typing in ”place the puzzle piece in the jigsaw puzzle”.

Go east and then north. Take the amethyst.

Go south and then northwest.

Examine the wall. Type in ”press the purple button”.

Go southeast and then southeast again. Take the gas mask.

Go northwest, then west, and west again.

Go south, west, west, and then down.

Go north, east, east, and then east once more.

Type in ”put on the gas mask”.

Take the gloves.

Type in ”put on the gloves”.

Go west and north.

Drop the torch.

Go northwest.

Examine the feces. Take the blue key. Now the gloves will be gone.

Go southeast. Drop the gas mask and take the torch.

Go south and south.

You can examine the note to get hints on the solution of this puzzle.

Type in ”Unlock the locker with the blue key”.

Open the locker.

Drop the blue key.

Take the hacksaw.

Go west, north, and north.

Type in ”enter the mirror”

Drop the amethyst.

Take the ashes.

Type in ”exit” to leave the mirror.

Go south, west, south, and then up.

Go east, north, north, northwest, and then west.

Type in ”Insert the ashes into the box”.

A portal will appear. Go east and east again.

You will be locked into a room with a huge dartboard. You need to get to the bullseye.

Type in ”move to double 19”, then ”move to lower single 3”, ”move to triple 3”, ”move to upper single 3” and then take the power cord.

You can now leave the room by going to the west.

Go southeast, south, and south again.

Go west and then go down.

Go north, east, east, north.

Go east, south, east.

Type in ”plug the power cord into the wall socket”.

Type in ”plug the power cord into the computer”.

Type in ”turn on the computer”.

Type in ”y” to open the door.

Go west. Take the rope.

Go north and then east.

Type in ”tie the rope to the railing”.

Go west, west, south, south.

Take the red key.

Unlock the fiery door with the red key.

Drop the red key.

Go east and then east again.

Take the heart.

Eat the heart.

Type in ”pray”.

A green potion now appears. Take it.

Go west, west, west, west, and then up.

Go east, north, north, northwest, and west.

Type in ”enter the portal”.

Type in ”cut off left hand”.

Type in ”enter the portal”.

Go east, southeast, south, south, west, and down.

Go north, east, east, north, and then southeast.

Examine the jacket. Examine the wallet.

Take the access card in the wallet.

Go northwest, east, east, and down.

You will see a sphinx for you. The answer is ”reflection”

Type in ”say reflection”

Go west, west, west, and north.

Unlock the access door with the access card.

Drop the access card.

Go north. You will see a man here.

Type in ”burn the man with the torch” to get the man to reveal the passcode.

Go south 5 times.

Type in ”say 8194” to unlock the door.

Go south.

Take the armor.

Drop the hacksaw.

Go north 4 times.

Go west. You are now in a maze.

Go west 2 times, then south, southwest, north, north, and northwest.

Now you are out of the maze.

Go south. Kill the monster by typing in ”kill the monster with the sword”.

Go south, south. Enter the portal.

Go east, southeast, east.

Take the helmet.

Put on the helmet and the armor.

Go north and then north again.

You are now in the last room.

Kill the game master by typing in ”kill the gamemaster with the sword”.

Go north.

Now you have completed the game.